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Age 38
Gender Female

Religion Christianity

Education Master’s Degree

Profession Teacher

Zodiac Sign Aries

Political Affiliation Lean Right

Friends & family support me as I pray that God places a baby in my arms that I will love forever!

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I love being near beautiful water! Waterfalls, oceans, rivers, & lakes are my favorite places.

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Do you have kids? How would they feel about a sibling?

I do not have any children. However, I hope that one day I will be able to adopt again to provide a sibling. I also believe it's incredibly important to treat all children the same with no favoritism.


Exploring the jungles of Honduras with my mom!

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I love to do missions work, building relationships w/ those who need to know love without judgement.

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My best friend would describe me as......

After being provided copies of reference letters that were mailed in... Most of them state that I have a kind & loving heart, is rarely ever mad, compassionate, intelligent & creative, and nurturing.


I have many hobbies: drawing, playing board games, museums, traveling, baking, holiday traditions!

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When you argue, what’s it about?

I am very even tempered & don't argue very often. When I do, it is usually because someone is being treated unfairly or is desiring to make a harmful choice.


I hope you are...

willing to pray if I am the right mama to help raise your child. I encourage you to consider more than financial status or 2 parent families. Divorce happens, newness wears off, & impressions change.


Teaching kids is a passion. I love to see them realize they can learn & be successful!

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I like to make lots of memories in life & befriend all those along the way. 4th of July w/community

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Took my precious granny on a carriage ride to look at a Christmas light display. Great memory!

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We are the best choice because…

I think what stands out about me is that I sincerely care about people. I want to teach my child that the most important things in life is not money, but rather making wise decisions & being kind.


Favorite season and why?

Summer is my favorite season because I have that time off work to make memories & spend time w/ others. Being a teacher, I have the opportunity to be with my child whenever they aren't in school.


Three years from now, I hope our birth mom is…..

Doing well & happy. I want my birth mom to have updates & photos as long as she wants. I would also like the child to have a connection w/ their birth mother at a level they're both comfortable with.


Complete the sentence, “I can’t live without……”

God in my life, knowing that he can help guide me in all the highs and lows of life & give me hope for eternity.


What scares you?

Reaching the age of 40 and still having no children. I long to be a mother & share a love of nature & traveling, seeing little feet under the Christmas tree & smiles as they learn new things.


In five years, our relationship with you will...

I believe in grace & second chances. Everyone has a story & everyone deserves to be loved rather than judged. I hope that you will feel that as you watch your child grow.


My philosophy on parenting is...

Teaching children by words & actions to respect people around them, to set the right example, & to own up to one's mistakes. Children should have consequences for poor choices but feel loved & safe.


I would never...

Talk about a biological parent in a negative light. I believe that's not fair to the parent, & is harmful to the child's mental health. Children should always know how loved they are from all parents.


Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

I consider myself to be devoted to God. I have a personal relationship with him & live my life the best I can to make him proud without being odd or isolating my future child from a normal childhood.


My neighborhood is a good place to raise a family because…

I live in a town of about 15,000. It's has a small town feel with opportunities. My neighborhood is safe and friendly. It has a small walking trail that runs along a little creek & play equipment.


If you had to live on an RV or sailboat for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I would live in an RV. I love to travel and sight-see. I take yearly vacations or mission trips when I am able. I enjoy nature & taking photographs of places & moments to preserve memories!


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