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Age 45
Gender Female

Religion Christianity

Education Master’s Degree

Profession HR Business Analyst

Zodiac Sign Gemini

Political Affiliation Not Political

Just me!

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Family Reunion in 2018

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What scares you?

Not be able to share my love & knowledge with a child of my own.


Sleep over with my friend and her daugther.

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2018 Holiday Photo with the family.

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Do you have kids? How would they feel about a sibling?

I don't have kids of my own, but I do have a nephew and 3 nieces. They are excited to have their 1st cousin in their father's side of the family.


2020 Christmas Lights Drive Thru with a friend.

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Complete the sentence, “I can’t live without……”

A sense of humor and the hugs & kisses of my nephew and nieces.


My neighborhood is a good place to raise a family because…

It's safe, quite, centrally located and diverse. The Elementary school is around the corner, the neighborhood is filled with kids of all ages and I have a great relationship with my neighbors.


Me with my nephew and nieces

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Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

Spiritual - there is an essence of a lifeforce in our lives and that we all have a purpose in this Universe.


If I could have dinner with anyone -- dead or alive -- I would pick...

My paternal Grandmother because of her storytelling and the cooking lessons.


We are the best choice because…

I've known my entire life that I wanted to be a mom and can promise you that I will be the best mother to your child that I can be - unconditional love, support, hugs, laughs & education.


Three years from now, I hope our birth mom is…..

happy, healthy and content knowing she made the right decision. She will know her child is in great hands and will be a welcome member of my family.


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