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Grow your business, while providing your clients with opportunities that are ethically guided and equitably accessed.

PairTree Home Study

The Modern Way to Home Study

Clients want and expect technology to be part of the adoption process. With PairTree’s Home Study process, your families get a modern technology solution and you get an easy way to build your client list along with so much more.

Less Paperwork!

We remove 89% of the paperwork and give you a hard copy for your records

Custom Approach

Add your custom clearances and training requirements

Grow Your Business

We have thousands of adopting families that are looking for help

Background Checks

Our background checks include Federal, National, State, County charges, Sex Offender and SSN traces

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Home Studies With PairTree

PairTree Matching

More than Me-Too Matching

With too much adoption information and not enough time to make sense of it all — we know that PairTree can’t be a me-too matching platform.

... it has to add value to your clients:


Expectant Moms Register on PairTree Every Month


matches Since July


Expectant Moms Registered in 8 Months

... it has to add value to your organization:


monthly clicks on our Adoption Professional listings


families on PairTree are looking for an Adoption Professional

What MakesPairTree Different

LifePairPersonality-Based Matching

When your clients build a family profile, they’ll select attributes that describe themselves, resulting in a personality type – the greatest predictor of behavior – giving Expectant Moms meaningful information to inform her decision.

3/4 of our Birth Moms say knowing the Adoptive Parent’s personality type is as important to them as an Open Adoption. That’s why we created LifePair™, our proprietary personality-based matching system.

The 5% Fund

We know waiting to be matched can feel sooooo long, but with every passing month 5% of every subscription is donated to The 5% Fund – a fund that is pledged to organizations that provide birth moms with lifelong grief support resources.

The 5% Fund from 2020 was donated to the Lifetime Healing Foundation.


A few bad apples can ruin the process for many. PairTree uses comprehensive identity verification software to prevent scammers – giving your clients the confidence they need.

If your client is contacted by someone that flags our system, we notify your client within 48 hours with actionable next steps.

Covered by Benefits!

If your client’s family has fertility or family-building benefits through Carrot Fertility, the leading provider of fertility benefits, they will be reimbursed for any PairTree fees.

If your client has fertility benefits that cover legal fees, we’re happy to partner with you to provide matching services under your brand.
  • I love PairTree! Love how I am notified about things that happen, how PairTree sends our profile out to expectant moms! Can’t wait to be matched!

    E. Adopting Parent

  • The platform is amazing and in my opinion more modern and easier to use (and far more affordable) than many of the other platforms.

    R. Adopting Parent

    Everything They Need,Nothing They Don’t

    We have an extensive video library – chock full of resources for your families, making setting up an account a breeze .

    Adoption shouldn’t require a marketing budget.

    $75 / month 
    $60 / month* *All PairTree fees qualify for the $14,440 adoption tax credit in 2021

    • How do my clients receive the 20% off offer?
      Create a listing on PairTree (it takes 2 minutes), and we'll send you a unique promo code to share with your clients. When they register on PairTree, they will receive 20% OFF the full price membership for as long as they are on the platform.
    • Do my clients have to sign a contract?
      PairTree’s subscription is month-to-month. Your clients can cancel anytime - only paying for the remainder of the month.
    • Are there any other fees?

      Other than the monthly subscription fee, there are no additional fees. No matching fees, no placement fees, no admin fees, and no application fees.


    Our goal is to increase and accelerate ethical opportunities for our families.

    We do not charge any additional fees for sending situations to PairTree families, nor any additional fees if one of our families is selected for a situation.

    To send a specific adoption situation to our PairTree families, please send an email to with the information you have and we will get in touch with you asap.

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