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Self-matching is the fastest-growing adoption method in the US, and PairTree is leading the charge.

Connect with aBirth Mom, directly.

What is Self-Matching?

Self-matching is the fastest growing method of adoption in the US. It means you connect *directly* with an Expectant Mom. Once connected, you would then use your Attorney or Agency to finalize the adoption.

Why Self-Match?

Building a direct relationship with your Expectant Mom is invaluable – as you'll most likely be connected for the rest of your lives.

It can also be up to 75% faster and less expensive than the conventional method of adoption. On average, self-matching takes 6-9 months, and the fees (attorney, birth mom living expenses, and marketing) are below $15K.

PairTree Home Study

The Modern Way to Home Study

Clients want and expect technology to be part of the adoption process. With PairTree’s Home Study process, your families get a modern technology solution and you get an easy way to build your client list along with so much more.

Free Matching

Once you complete your PairTree Home Study, you’ll get 12-months of personality-based matching on PairTree.

Check out more reasons to do your Home Study with PairTree.

Home Studies With PairTree

PairTree Matching

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Personality-based matches

We don't rely on luck. We use a proprietary, personality-based matching system which means the connections are better, and more highly-compatible.

  • I love PairTree! Love how I am notified about things that happen, how PairTree sends our profile out to expectant moms! Can’t wait to be matched!

    E. Adopting Parent

  • The platform is amazing and in my opinion more modern and easier to use (and far more affordable) than many of the other platforms.

    R. Adopting Parent

    We’ve got your back!

    A few bad apples can ruin the process for many. PairTree uses comprehensive identity verification software to prevent scammers – giving you the confidence you need.

    When you are contacted by someone that flags one of our markers, we notify you within 48 hours with actionable next steps..

    You + The 5% Fund

    On average, self-matching takes 6-9 months. We know the wait can feel sooooo long, but with every passing month a portion of your subscription is donated to The 5% Fund – a fund that is pledged to organizations that provide birth moms with lifelong grief support resources.

    The 2020 The 5% Fund from 2020 was donated to the Lifetime Healing Foundation.

    Covered by Benefits!

    Does your employer (or your partner’s employer) provide fertility or family-building benefits? If so, you could be reimbursed for any PairTree fees. Just ask your HR rep. Learn how to use fertility benefits on your adoption journey here!

    Have Carrot Fertility benefits? PairTree is a direct provider to their 90K members!.

    What’s the difference between the Adoption Agency and Self-Matching methods?

    Erin Quick, Founder of PairTree and 2x Adoptive Mom (via self-matching) talks about the differences between the adoption agency method and the self-matching method. Spoiler alert: They are *not* mutually exclusive!

    PairTreeHow does it work?

    Step 1 Join PairTree

    On average, self-matching takes 6-9 months. Whether you are just starting your journey or already working with an attorney or agency – join today to build a profile.

    Step 2 Find Your Pair

    Our proprietary algorithm maps your personality type to those personality attributes desired by Expectant Moms – so you’ll make smarter connections, faster. We also proactively email your profile to Expectant Moms you match with!

    Step 3 Finalize the Adoption

    Work with your agency or attorney to finalize the adoption. Need an adoption professional? See our list of accredited Adoption Attorneys here.

    Start your journey today.

    Join PairTree

    Adoption shouldn’t require a marketing budget.

    $299 / month 
    $75 / month*

    *All PairTree fees qualify for the $14,440 adoption tax credit in 2021

    • Do we have to sign a contract?
      No way! PairTree’s subscription is month-to-month. You can cancel anytime - only paying for the remainder of the month. Learn More
    • Are there any other fees?
      Other than the monthly subscription fee, there are no additional fees. No matching fees, no placement fees, no admin fees, and no application fees.
    • What if our adoption agency, consultant or attorney’s office is part of PairTree?

      I50% of PairTree families are working with an attorney, consultant or an agency -- and use PairTree to boost their exposure to expectant moms. If your adoption agency, consultant or attorney’s office subscribes to PairTree, be sure to use their unique promo code on the payment page to receive your reduced monthly fee.

    • PairTree notified me that I’d been contacted by a scammer before I’d even been able read the message. Feels really good to know they are watching out for you.

      T. Adopting Parent

    • I really connected with a family immediately. Found them, sent them a message and that was it. Easy, and right for me.

      D. Expectant Mom

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