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Adopting in Kansas

Adoption in Kansas

Kansas - a state known for being rather flat, wide open and filled with wheat fields - is pretty open with their adoption laws. There isn't an age specification for Adoptive Parents. The only rule is that the Adoptive Parent must be at least 10 years older than the adopted child. Adoptive families may cover reasonable living expenses for the Birth Mom during or as the result of the pregnancy, as well as medical and legal expenses for up to six weeks post placement. Here's a Kansas geography fact: Smith County in Kansas is the exact middle of the 48 contiguous states.

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Adoption Attorneys in Kansas

6 Adoption Agencies in KS

6 AAAA Attorneys in KS

Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys

  • Attorney
    Jill Bremyer
    P.O. Box 443
    McPherson, KS 67460
    Services Offered Assisted Reproduction, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Special Needs Children, LGBT Family Formation, Private Networking
  • Attorney
    Richard A. Macias
    901 North Broadway
    Wichita, KS 67214
    (316) 265-5245
    (316) 262-5105
    Services Offered Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, LGBT Family Formation
  • Attorney
    Megan Monsour
    1617 N Waterfront Parkway #400
    Wichita, KS 67206
    (316) 267-2000
    (316) 631-1737
    Services Offered Assisted Reproduction, Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption,
  • Attorney
    Martin W. Bauer
    100 N. Broadway, Suite 500
    Wichita, KS 67202
    (316) 265-9311
    (316) 265-2955
    Services Offered Assisted Reproduction, Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Mediation, Special Needs Children, LGBT Family Formation, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Sperm Donation, Surrogacy
  • Attorney
    Allan A. Hazlett
    1608 S.W. Mulvane Street
    Topeka, KS 66604
    (785) 232-2011
    (785) 232-2089
    Services Offered Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, Mediation, Special Needs Children, LGBT Family Formation
  • Attorney
    Kevin W. Kenney
    7301 Mission Road, Suite 243
    Prairie Village, KS 66208
    (913) 671-8008
    (913) 671-7740
    Services Offered Assisted Reproduction, Contested Adoption, Domestic Adoption, Grandparent Representation, Interstate (ICPC) Adoption, LGBT Family Formation, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Sperm Donation, Surrogacy

Who’s Waiting to Adopt in Kansas

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No. of Adoptive Familes in Kansas*

2 families

Average Age

38 years old


Most Common Professions Amoung Waiting Families on PairTree

Marketing Director Stay at home mom Small business owner

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    • My favorite place in the World is...

      In the mountains. When I'm surrounded by nature, I feel at peace because it is so calming to me. All the day to day happenings of life seem to disappear. - Melissa

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    & John

    • Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

      I am committed to God and to showing him to those around me. - John

Traveling For Your Adoption in Kansas

Length of ICPC
in Kansas

1-30 days


Kansas adheres to the Interstate Compact On The Placement of Children (ICPC) – a uniform law in all 50 States that establishes procedures for the interstate placement of children. The ICPC also places specific responsibilities on those involved in placing the children. The three principle goals of the ICPC are to:

Protect the children being placed.
Ensure that they receive the services they need.
Facilitate permanent placements for those children who are in state custody

Adoption Law FAQ in Kansas

Advertising Law Info

  • Can adoptive parents advertise for birth parents?
  • State Advertising Code of Law
    Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2123(a)(1), (b)-(c)

    Any person who advertises that such person will adopt, find an adoptive home for a child, or otherwise place a child for adoption shall state in such advertisement whether or not such person is licensed and if licensed, under what authority such license is issued and in what profession.

    This provision shall not apply to the Kansas Department for Children and Families or to an individual seeking to adopt a child.

    The term ‘advertise’ means to communicate by newspaper, radio, television, handbills, placards or other print, broadcast, telephone directory, or electronic medium.

Adoption Law Info

Home Study Info

  • Elements of a Home Study for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2132; Admin. Regs. § 28-4-176
    In making the assessment, the investigator is authorized to observe the child in the petitioner’s home, verify financial information of the petitioner, clear the name of the petitioner with the child abuse and neglect registry and, when appropriate, with a similar registry in another State, and clarify any genetic and medical history filed with the petition.
    In regulation: The agency shall require prospective adoptive parents to submit an application that shall be designed to obtain information their family, their home, their financial status, and references to initiate a home study. The agency shall conduct a social study with the family in their home. The study process shall include a face-to-face interview with each member of the household. The agency shall have on file a written assessment of the adoptive home that shall assess the following areas:
    • Motivation for adoption
    • The family’s attitude toward accepting an adoptive child
    • Emotional stability, physical health, and compatibility of the adoptive parents
    • Ability to cope with problems, stress, frustrations, crises, and loss
    • Information on medical or health conditions that would affect the applicant’s ability to parent a child
    • Record of convictions other than minor traffic violations
    • Ability to provide for child’s physical and emotional needs
    • Adjustment of the petitioners’ own children, if any, including their school reports
    • Positive feelings about parenting an adoptive child
    • Capacity to give and receive affection
    • Types of children desired and kinds of handicaps accepted
    • Types of children who would not be appropriate for placement with the family
    • References
    • Recommendations for number, age, sex, characteristics, and special needs children best served by the family
  • Grounds for Withholding Approval for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2132
    In making the assessment, the investigator shall determine whether the petitioner has been convicted of a felony for any act described in chapter 21, articles 34 [crimes against person, including murder, manslaughter, assault, battery, or kidnapping], 35 [sex offenses, including rape, sexual battery, or sexual exploitation of a child], or 36 [crimes affecting family relationships or children, including incest, abuse, abandonment, or endangerment of a child], (prior to their repeal, or section 36 through 86, 174, 210, 211 or 229 through 231 of chapter 136 of the 2010 Session Laws of Kansas) or, within the past 5 years been convicted of a felony violation of §§ 21-36a01 through 21-36a17, or any felony violation of any provision of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act prior to July 1, 2009, and, when appropriate, any similar conviction in another jurisdiction.
  • When Home Studies Must Be Completed for Adoption
    Citation: Ann. Stat. § 59-2132
    The assessment and report required by this section shall have been completed no more than 1 year prior to the filing of the petition for adoption.
  • Postplacement Study Requirements for Adoption
    Citation: Admin. Regs. § 28-4-176
    The agency worker shall establish a time schedule for visits to the adoptive family after the placement of a child in order to be able to make clear recommendations for the finalization of the adoption.


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