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Adopting in West Virginia

Adoption in West Virginia

West Virginia is "the Mountain State," and is indeed home to the Appalachian mountains. In West Virginia, any adult may adopt, and unlike many other states, they allow same sex couples to adopt. Adopting Families may provide financial assistance to the Birth Mom for medical, legal and and counseling expenses. Fun fact: West Virginia is only a days drive from 75% of the U.S. population.

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Traveling For Your Adoption in West Virginia

Length of ICPC
in West Virginia

1-30 days


West Virginia adheres to the Interstate Compact On The Placement of Children (ICPC) – a uniform law in all 50 States that establishes procedures for the interstate placement of children. The ICPC also places specific responsibilities on those involved in placing the children. The three principle goals of the ICPC are to:

Protect the children being placed.
Ensure that they receive the services they need.
Facilitate permanent placements for those children who are in state custody

Adoption Law FAQ in West Virginia

Advertising Law Info

Adoption Law Info

Home Study Info

  • Elements of a Home Study for Adoption
    Citation: Code of State Regs. §§ 78-2-13; 78-2-15; 78-2-16
    Adoptive parents shall provide the agency with the names at least four references from persons who are not related to them. The agency must interview at least three of the references. Prior to approval, all adult household members shall undergo criminal background checks and checks of child abuse and neglect records.
    The agency shall ensure that the physical facilities of an adoptive home present no health or safety hazards, and that they are sufficiently clean and comfortable to ensure the well-being and respect of the family in the community. The adoptive home must comply with the same standards used to approve foster family homes.
    The home study must include a minimum of one individual in-person interview for each parent and two joint interviews.
    The study shall describe and evaluate aspects of the home and family and shall include:
    • The composition of the household and intra-family relationships
    • The family’s attitudes, values, and level of understanding of child development
    • The manner in which the family handles conflict, stress, and frustration
    • Individual and family hobbies, recreation, community activities, and social life
    • Each parent’s personal history, attitudes, feelings, and values
    • The parents’ financial situation and motivation to adopt
    • An assessment of the adoptive parents’ ability and willingness to make a lifetime commitment to the adopted child and their understanding of the legal rights of the adopted child
  • Grounds for Withholding Approval for Adoption
    Citation: Code of State Regs. § 78-2-13
    An agency shall not approve an adoptive home:
    • If the adoptive parents have health, behavior, or emotional or psychological problems that may endanger the wellbeing of a child
    • Unless all references for the foster and adoptive parents are positive in nature
    • If any household member has any convictions other than minor traffic violations
  • When Home Studies Must Be Completed for Adoption
    Citation: Code of State Rules §§ 78-2-16; 78-2-19
    A comprehensive written home study must be completed prior to placing a child in the home.
    For adoptive parents who have not had a child placed with them, the agency shall evaluate them annually and complete a narrative summary that includes:
    • An update of each of the parents’ biographies and any changes in their circumstances or attitudes about adoption
    • A recommendation for any changes in the adoptive parents’ conditions of approval
  • Postplacement Study Requirements for Adoption
    Citation: Code of State Rules § 78-2-23
    Following placement of a child in an adoptive home, the agency shall provide support services, including:
    • An initial telephone contact within 72 hours of placement and an initial visit within 1 week of placement
    • A minimum of six visits during the placement, at least four of which are in the home of the adoptive parents
    In a two-parent family, both parents must be involved in at least three visits. Additional visits may be made on a frequency determined by the needs of the child and the adoptive parents. Visits shall include all household members, and the child shall be observed during each visit. If the child is old enough to carry on a conversation, the caseworker must conduct an interview with him or her in private during each visit.
    The agency shall continue to provide support services for a minimum of 6 months or longer until permanent placement of the child is achieved. If the child is in the adoptive home as a foster care placement, the period of support services can include the time spent in the adoptive home in foster care. The agency shall provide a final visit with the adoptive family to review the adoption process prior to finalizing the adoption.


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