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What’s included:

Personality-Based Connections

  • Personality-based connections lead to higher compatibility
  • LifePair™, our proprietary connection system, evaluates 120 unique personality attributes.
  • Birth get moms meaningful information to help inform their decisions. About Personlities
  • Custom search to see how adoptive parents stack up in the specific areas they care about most.

Identity Verification

  • Block and report features on all profiles.
  • Facial recognition technology to ensure the person creating the profile is the same person in the profile.
  • Birth moms with this icon have had their identities verified.
  • Adoptive parents are verified as home-study approved.

Prior to using PairTree, 87% of adoptive parents are afraid of being scammed vs 11% after using PairTree.

Modern Methods

  • Analytics help you optimize your profiles - from pictures to video to text.
  • Notifications when your profile is recommended and/or viewed.
  • Centralized admin tool to track all of your conversations
  • Features on PairTree's Social Media Pages – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Custom Google Display Ads
  • Sponsored Posts on Facebook & Instagram

Community & Support

  • Find a community of people that have been in your shoes
  • Help set realistic expectations to temper highs and lows
  • Learn tips and tricks around adoption costs & options
  • Vote on Adoption Professionals to help future adoptive parents and birth moms


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